Substitute soundtrack

How would I go about taking the soundtrack out of a movie and putting a different one into it? :doh:

What format is your movie in right now? Is it a complete dvd, or is it a video file, like an avi or mpeg? There are lots of different tools you can use to demux your video, depending on what you are starting with.

If it is a dvd, I would import it to my authoring program, combine the vobs and demux to elementary streams and then import your new soundtrack. At that point you can recompile and produce a new dvd. I use DVDLab Pro and it will do all these things, but I’m not sure it will do what you intend. Audio/video sync may be a problem.

Your new soundtrack will have to be very close in length to the one you are replacing. There are slight adjustments you can make for audio/video synchronization, but Lab Pro only has a 1 second adjustment range as far as I know.

The movie is the “Wizard Of Oz” store bought DVD. I want to remove the audio and put in a different sound track. Time wise the new sound track is the same, as I created a lead-in using Cool Edit Pro. I am using album two of “The Wall” by Pink Floyd. That means that I some how have to change the audio to AC3 I would imagine then combine the audio and video.

Sounds like you’ve got a good start, if you have already matched the time. You can convert to ac3 within DVDLab Pro if you already own the TMPGenc AC3 plug-in.

I would have thought Cool Edit Pro would have ac3 conversion capability…guess not.

ffmegGui can convert to AC3 Found here

And you can use BeSweet + BeLight to convert to AC3 as well. Both are free downloads from

There is a free, fully functional trial for DVDLab Pro if you want to try it for this project. But there are many other dvd authoring programs available, including some free ones like dvdauthorgui and DVDStyler.

I forgot to add this bit. If you don’t use Lab Pro, you may need a tool to demux your vob files and give you separate video and audio streams. Try VobEdit for this.

I am moving right along now. DVD Lab Pro and BeSweet seem to have worked out best so far. I am almost ready to mux the movies. I am making two versions of the same movie. Thanks Kerry56.

Thanks for the Demux comment. I was wondering about doing that in DVD Lab Pro. I have VOB Edit, but it looks complicated. I used DVDFab Decrypter to rip the movie without audio, but I am going to have to Demux it because I think that the rip may have simply removed the volume and not really removed the audio track itself, because the size of the movie did not change.

not sure if this helps, but I came across this thread today while browsing:

How to Convert Audio to AC3

the TMPGenc AC3 plug-in method is covered in that thread as well as a couple other options.

Actually I do have TMPGenc and the AC3 plugin, but upon checking my other hard drive(partition) in my dual boot system, I found my suite of I’mTOO. I tried I’mTOO MPEG Encoder, and it worked the best of all with the best sound and easiest to use. I created AC3 5.1 surround sound from the original wav files. Now the hard part of demuxing the original movie with DVD Lab Pro and then muxing the audio and video. The problem is that I am not joining different movies, but reuniting an original movie which in on two sides of one original DVD disc.

Thanks reasonsotrules. I just went to the thread you suggested, and I am quite sure that will work for the video. Goody

You can use PgcDemux to demux the original movie and use MuxMan to mux the original video and the AC3 soundtrack. Both tools are freeware and easy to use.

Thanks toaddub, I just got those two proggys and I am going to try them. I used HI FI WAV Joiner to make the soundtrack one big wav file and used ImTOO to convert it to an AC3 surround sound file. Things are looking up!