Substitute for my old litey

thanks – anyone want a free DVD Ram ?

Anyway it gets worse - Have just burned my first disk - Firmware MS07 ?
and I haven’t seen such a bad burn in over a year. Looks like I should try MS0M
next ? Is MV7U an official firmware or experimental ?

Final question ( for now) how do I enable all the “solid Burn” type of settings ?
and updated firmware and or an additional program ?

Harry nothing to worry about you need a few burns to knock the cobwebs out and burn the burner in. I been using MV7U it’s a experimental firmware but it looks like its working ok. You will find everything about ‘Solid Burn” Here and Here

Have attached my first scan - out of the box - no software loaded - using MS07
and then smartburn and MS0M SB & HT enabled - much better. PIF figs similar to BenQ1655 - PIE figs considerably higher but probably not important.


You can remove the disc from the cardridge and use it normally. But I prefer the single sided (4,7 GB), cardridge-less version.



Thanks - managed to get it iut undamaged. Now formating. I have read about drivers being needed - is this true ?

remeber to scan @8x, it’s the forum standard for 6S drives.

I’ve been screwing up,i’ve posted alot of them at 4x since that was how i did it with my 811. I’ll remember that for the future.Thanks !


hm, that’s interesting. since when? i’ve found no sticky on this. could you provide a link?

well having wasted a day and far too many YUDEN000T02 disks I have gone back to my BenQ1655.

when I have more time I will try again. But before I do - how do I undo the damage caused by Smartburn ? It began well enough but then actually made disks worse. Is there a clean function so I can start again ? Overall the smartburn function is very confusing.

Smartburn function is disabled: YES means Smartburn is enabled ???

so in answer to the original question : substitute for my old litey - do not get one of these - could be a good drive when finished but not yet.

Windows XP supports DVD-RAM out-of-the-box, but unfortunately only using FAT32 file system, which isn’t really suitable for -RAM. So using UDF file system is recommended, and to ust that, a driver is needed. There must be a thread about that here in the Litey forum (more to find in the LG section). Also, InCD can be used, but we all know, that most versions are merely a bug collection :wink:


@HarrySmith - If you want to turn off SB-HT-OS then you may need to refer to these posts:

Thanks OneSickPup.

I have read and searched but can not get my head around this. attached is the way I am currentky burning. I think Smartburn is on ? Certainly HT is on.
If I click on “Enable SmartBurn” then it reads “SmartBurn Function is disabled” YES and the scans are really horrible. Having the set up on my attachment I am now able to get scans like scan 2 - which are almost as good as with my BenQ 1655. Hopefully the Liteon will keep on learning.

Coulld someone explain where the SB and HT settings are stored ? If the program is simply deleted does the drive revert to no SB and No HT ? If the program is then re-installed does learning start all over again or just pick up from where it left off ?

:disagree: That graphic would indicate you have Smartburn turned off. I do know that when I first turned it on my burn was awful. Then it improved starting with the second burn. Go here: to post #41-42-43 and see my progression of YUDEN000 T02 scans. This is with the 165H6S.