Substitute for my old litey

hi everyone,

as you might have guessed already, i’m looking for a new liteon writer. scanning with kprobe is a daily business and therefore it should be a fairly good scanner. on top of that it would be nice if the drive is capable of writing media in good quality too, but lets keep it realistic, i know that there are better writers out there. nevertheless a burner shall burn media in the first place right, so it would be nice if the drive is able to burn in not-too-bad quality. so, what would you guys recommend at the moment? i’d thought of the 165p6s or the 165h6s maybe, although the h6s isn’t available on the market where i live yet, lightscribe-ability sounds like fun. it could be just a useless gimmick aswell. i’m not familiar with this technique and it may just reduce the burning quality due to more electronic, more heat, etc. what do you think? don’t hesitate to promote your favourite litey here and thanks for your opinions.


If the Liteon 811S is still good for scanning why not just get a Benq1655 ? I use BenQ for burning and Liteon for scanning. If anyone knows of a Liteon which is a better burner I would like to know

You Should think about getting a 1635S best drive I have, found it as good if not better than my 165P6S the only reason I like my 165P6S is it’s good writing DVD-RAM and I need to write a lot on DVD-RAM, I think Lightscribe is a useless gimmick and the media for Lightscribe is not the best, better of using good quality printable media and printing on it with a printer. Looks a lot better and cheaper as well.

thank you guys.

so do i. my pioneer has been a good burner so far, but as i said already. it would be nice to achieve 2 functions in one drive. scanning & burning.

what about the noise-factor? i’ve read about the older drives being quite noisy.

Hahahahahha I can tell you of 3 Lite-On’s strait away 1693S, 1635S and 165P6S and I also have a BenQ 1640 and 1650 and just gave away a 1620 and been very[B] disappointed [/B] with all the BenQ’s the other 2 BenQ’s are going as well as soon as I can find somebody to buy it. I tested a lot of media and found the Lite-On’s burnt them better and at a faster speed.

What noise ??? tell you the truth I haven’t noticed it any nosier that my other drives. Yes I also like the pioneer 110 and brought it so I can write DVD-RAM ! A very good drive and been happy with it but since I brought my165P6S I been writing all my DVD-RAM with it and now I can do all with 1 drive :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As far as Liteons go I only have a Liteon 1693S at the moment. The best scanner I have owned. Which of the 1635S and the 165P6S is the newer drive ? I have room for one more but not two. Unlike you I don’t test a lot of media - I just stick to YUDEN000T02 - unbranded and the 1693S produces good scans but the burns are not as good as those produced by the BenQ1640 and 1655.


165P[B]6[/B]S is the newer drive (and also all Series [B]6[/B] drives).

163[B]5[/B]S is a series [B]5[/B] drive, and works very well also.

HarrySmiith Yes I have also found my 1693S an excellent scanner and the best Lite-On scanner I had as far as scanning goes till I brought the 1635S. Found the 1635S just as good in scanning, Only had the 165P6S for a few weeks and haven’t had the time to play around with it a lot but so far from the few scans I have done it looks like it’s even a better scanner then the 1693S or 1635S I haven’t found the 160P6S to be as consistent as the other 3 drives in scanning, Still a excellent burner and burns very well most media but the scans from it are a bit inconsistent could just be my drive and most others are better scanners. I was hoping there will be a new firmware to flash it into a 165P6S the same way I did my Pioneer 110D to 110 to burn RAM. But now I have the real Mac Coy and don’t need to do it.

As Gordon_Banks said the165P6S is the newer drive and if I didn’t have any of them I would go for the newer one but they are both excellent drives. I think no matter which one you buy you will be very happy with it.

@ Gordon_Banks and coathi. Thanks I will probably get the 165P6S

Correction: Have just placed an order together with a 9.4GB DVDRAM panasonic.

Hope I have bought the right DVDRAM disk ?

Double-sided? 3x?

I think you made a nice choice. While you are waiting LOL,you can check this thread for the latest test firmware where i have posted a bunch of scans on different types of media.

I currently have a NEC 3550 @4550,and NEC 3500,a Pioneer 111 and i wanted the Litey for scanning as my old 411 @811 was inconsistant and i love my 165P6S. It is a great scanner and the burns are on par for the most part with the other 3. Maybe not as great on some media but still very,very good none the less. Check out the scans.


Double sided - Yes but can not tell the speed.
code appears to be LM-HB94F.

As I have never used DVD RAM before I will now have to start researching to find the best media

The Only DVD-RAM sold where I live is called “Excellent” I hope the name holds true Hahaha they are made by Ritek and rated 3X. Been using them for a wile and so far haven’t encountered any problems. Go to this [Thread](file:///D:/From%20C%20Drive%20New/DVD%20Ram%20Driver/showthread.php.htm) and you can download your DVD-RAM drivers thanks to [B] Kenshin [/B] they work very well and gives you several formats you can use on your RAM discs.

coathi - thanks but the link doesn’t work for me

ok, thanks everyone. i think i’ll get the 165p6s.

uhm… the file is not available on my c: drive, maybe you check that url given. is it even needed to get special drivers to burn ram discs? sry, haven’t burned those at all and i have no idea. i’m noobish when it comes to ram.

Read the LG forum:

well the 165P6S has just arrived – 18 hours to deliver – what is the world coming to ? But it looks like I ordered the wrong type of DVD RAM.

Does the 165P6S handle dvdram in cases ( caddies ?) I saw some ordinary lok dvd Ram disk today - I guess I should have bought some of them ?

Very Sorry limbo my mistake that link was to my HD, should have checked it after posting it. Here is the correct link to
Panasonic download page where the RAM drivers are. The one you want is the dvdramdvxp5021 just unzip it and install it and you are good as gold. It’s the best one I tried so far.

HarrySmiith the DVDRAM you need look exactly like the normal DVD’s you can’t use the ones in a case they are for a different drive