Substitute for ASUS CRW-5232AX

hi all,

we have a CD duplicator tower with eight of these ASUS CRW-5232AX drives in it. some of the drives have failed and we tried replacing them with whatever cd-rw drives we could find on newegg. turns out the drives won’t duplicate properly unless all models are the same. one option is to replace all eight drives (certainly cheaper than buying a new duplicator). however, we were able to find some second-hand CRW-5232AX’s in the time being, but more drives are failing and we haven’t been able to find any CRW-5232AX’s to replace them.

i was thinking, with my limited knowledge of firmware, that we could actually have a bit more choice of replacement drives besides just the CRW-5232AX. does anyone have any suggestions for drives that would basically be the same as a CRW-5232AX on the inside? or, perhaps there are even other drives that can successfully be flashed with CRW-5232AX firmware? etc.


There are no direct equivalents for that drive. eBay is your only hope:

thanks! we picked up all four of those. two were the AS model and two were a different model… i forget which. but, the two AS’s are working great in the tower along side the other AX’s. we have the other two reserved for future failures, hopefully they all get along when we need them.

Here’s one more: