Substitute a Matshita UJ-811B

Hello everybody.
I own a ACER 1603LM aged 3 (very bad machine, anyway :a ) with a Matshita or Matsushita UJ-811B CD/DVD burner. I used it for months burning everything without serious problems, perhaps I used it too much. Then it stopped burning and I had it changed because of warranty. They put the same identical model. It worked bad some months then it stopped even reading ANYTHING. DEAD. Now it’s 1 year I’m using my notebook without drive and of course without reinstalling Windows. I wolud like to buy another drive, even if it is not a DVD burner, even if it is used but I don’t know if I can simply substitute my drive with it. I think many Panasonic UJ-xxx drives could perfectly fit - but - will they work properly? Any suggestion?
Thanks guys

Panasonic is Matshita.

Thank you: ok, Panasonic = Matshita.
But I still don’t know if I can substitute my UJ-811B with a UJ-830 or any UJ-xxx which can be found in eBay. If yes, what else should I do in order to have it work properly?

Another question: is Matshita the cheap version of Panasonic? Read - should I choose the latter?

== same company.

Buy an Pio or Plextor slimtype and try your luck.

Panasonic Part Numbers UJ-811B compatible with the following Models:

Averatec 5110P, Satellite M30, Satellite M30-S309, Satellite M30-S3091, Satellite M30-S350, Satellite M30-S3501, Satellite M30-SP309, Satellite M30-SP350, Satellite M35-S320, Satellite M35-S3201, Satellite M35-S359, Satellite M35-S3591, Satellite M35-S3592, Satellite M35-SP309, Satellite M35-SP350, Satellite M35-SP3501, Satellite P10, Satellite P10-S429, Satellite P10-S4291, Satellite P15-S409, Satellite P15-S4091, Satellite P15-S420, Satellite P15-S470, Satellite P15-S479, Satellite P20, Satellite P25, Satellite P25-S477, Satellite P25-S487, Satellite P25-S507, Satellite P25-S508, Satellite P25-S509, Satellite P25-S5091, Satellite P25-S5092, Satellite P25-S520, Satellite P25-S5201, Satellite P25-S526, Satellite P25-S5261, Satellite P25-S5262, Satellite P25-S5263, Satellite P25-S607, Satellite P25-S670, Satellite P25-S676, Satellite P25-SP507, Satellite P25-SP509, Satellite P25-SP520, Satellite P25-SP526, Tecra M2 (14.1 SXGA), Tecra M2 (14.1 SXGA 1394), Tecra M2 (14.1 XGA), Tecra M2 (14.1 XGA 1394), Tecra M2-S410, Tecra M2-S430, Tecra M2-S519, Tecra M2-S530, Tecra M2-S539, Tecra M2-S610, Tecra M2-S630, Tecra M2-S730, Tecra M2-S7302