Why use a software like CloneCd wich is very expensives and work only few time?
Use this great application!
It use two great Hint…One is SubSonicREADER and one is Gamecopyworld.

The new version is 1.3zz1 who use a new great copy method called SubSonic Copy and use the power of win2000 and win98.

Copy the world.
New Softwares tested and successfully copied:
Microsoft Windows2000 Professional
Norton Utilities2000
Win on cd
Easy cd Creator 4.0
Office 2000 Professional
FrontPage 2000
Money 2000 Professional
Rally Championship
Midtown Madness

All others titles must be tested.
Please if you do it, send a mail to me at

The Titles above was copied without use patches.


we use CloneCD because we get the serial numbers for free, and it works perfectly by making a working copy of protected games WITHOUT a crack. a crack from gamecopyworld is not the original, but using CloneCD, you can get almost an exact copy that plays like the original. nice try subsonic, but as of right now, CloneCD is the answer.


Really scared to ask. Free serials for CloneCD. Hmm, where? Who? Should I dare look in my mail-box? Could it be christmas time? Nah, but still hoping ;-).


dazzler: do you ever visit the cd warez sites?, because there is usually a serial for every version of clonecd out…not to mention lots of other good burning programs and utils.


yep squage…or just visit cd-freaksevery day…y’ll find it somewhere …for sure


Hey sub subsonic,
your link doesn’t work! The page starts loading and opens and then after clicking enter the next page doesn’t open!!!


I don’t know any good warez sites…I just check a couple of these CD Copying sites out, and from time to time I find something good.


Dazzler… Bad reply, we don´t all come here to look we come to help as well, those that give help on one thing often recieve rewards from others on things that they need help with, we don´t all know everything but sharing what we know with others helps them that also don´t know everything…


well, i still say that CloneCD is the only program that can backup SafeDisc games without a crack, and BlindRead is still better than SubSonic Reader. if you people don’t already realize it, subsonic reader DOESN’T read unreadable sectors like BlindRead does. it merely copies all the directories of the CDROM to the hard drive. it is the same as copying the CD to the HD using Windows Explorer.


Dazzler come back here lots and you’ll find all these stuff for sure, and when you really make a hard effort you’ll find even more

Try chatting sometimes


Redneck: I know, I know. Was a little bit fast (and perhaps ironic) there. Sorry. I have a couple more questions,
but perhaps it’ll be better to make a new topic.


Well, I have tried subsonic and I didn’t like it at all.Maybe it can copy a lot of games but what’s the point if you need a patch to run it.( which means you will also need to have a patch for every upgrade that comes out).
CloneCD Works Great !
(The interface of the subsonic reader program could need some work )