Subscription mp3 companys

heres my questions. my boss-owner of company wants to put on his computer a music download program to buy mp3s from. then burn them to cd’s so he can play them at home on a new cd player that plays mp3s. what company do you think would be best to subscribe to? i know that theres that drm crap an propritory formats to these i ask of you wise people here.
1-best all around subscription service for mp3s.
2-can dwnld songs then be burnt from harddrive to cd’s to play at home on standalone player.
they use windows os on company computers.
as you can tell im not into music dwnld part of computers. backing up game disc’s an playing with computers is what i atempt to do. any help would be greatly aprecated

As far as I know, you can Not do what your Boss wants to do!!..(can be quoted n corrected on this)
They only want you to spend (waste) youre Money on MP3 Music that you can ONLY Play on the PC it was downloaded on…Unless…you Download it to an External Hard Disc, take it home n play it on his/her home pc…They Won’t Burn to a CDR as far as I know…TOTAL WASTE of Money…Be Good, Be Carefull…

No, iTunes lets you burn. That’s a good service. It’s a Pay Per Song, rather than subscription, then pay per song. That’s what i use, and mirc :smiley: