Subscribing to threads!

Hi :slight_smile:
Just got caught out with this new feature.
Everyone knows what an unsocialable sod I am.
So why (1st time ever) would I subscribe to a thread.
I already get in excess of 200 emails a day.
So nice move, but no thanks. :disagree:

Zeb it happened to us all - see Forum Talk… :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
What you mean they don’t make exceptions for me!!! :doh:
What is the world coming too? :eek:
As for expecting me to read others posts. :confused:
Well that is a bit full on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info anyway. :clap:

** Moved to Forum Talk **

Yep, I got caught out with it too :doh:

Me too. I am subscribed to AnyDVD announcements but that’s all…now i’m subscribed to every thread i replied to yesterday.

So my question is…is this gonna fix itself? Or do i have to go unsubscribe to all these threads?

You need to go and unsubscribe from the threads in Subscribed Threads, and you should also go and change your Default Thread Subscription Mode in Edit Options.

Thank you for the reply Drag :flower: