Hello i always rip the dvd’s with audio english and dutch subs.Playing fine on mi standalone (philips) but i always have to choose in het dvd player menu subs dutch is there no way to correct this with ifo edit that it plays auto dutch subs?
Thanks in advance:bow:


You also could press the subtitle button on the remote.



yes i know but i wonder if it’s not possible wiht ifo edit??

I suppose you can choose default subs on your DVD-player…
I know I can on mine - Pioneer

yes i can set the player to default sub but the F** thing is forgetting it…
Only when i make a dvd with ic with menu it wil display the subs automatic…

@ t1955feb

Have a look through:-

Using the info in my last post to that topic along with the ruff’n’ready guide at I’m sure you’ll be able to sort it out :wink:

If not try one of 2COOL’s excellent guides, I think this is the one one need:-