Subs from BD rip?



Not sure if this is the correct forum, but the copy forums seem restricted to DVDs only.

I can rip a BD to HD, and it plays fine in PowerDVD. But when I try to convert the m2ts to mkv, it turns out the subtitles are not part of the stream? Yet they are present when I play the rip with PowerDVD.

So how do I rip the subs and convert them to one of the standard formats used with mkv such as .srt? Thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:



I have never done this before but you can try using tsremux or tsmuxer.

With tsremux, open the m2ts, right click on the presentation graphic stream you want, then demux to one of your choice (elementary stream, sup, etc).

With tsmuxer, open the m2ts, deselect everything except the presentation graphic, then click option demux, and click demux. Your output will be .sup I believe.

Good luck.


Thanks, but the sup file isn’t supported in mkv with any player I know.

Is there any tool to convert these to sub or srt format?



Bumping this since I know a lot of people are on holiday :stuck_out_tongue:

No-one knows of a way to change a sup to srt?



Extract .sup from .m2ts with tsmuxer,then you might try with one of these tools…
then create a new .m2ts with new .srt using tsmuxer again…
Or use mkvmerge Gui to create a new .mkv…
Hope it helps,as I’ve not had a need to do it myself,yet!
Let us know…good luck!


@ Moomin,try this one as well…


Thanks a lot!! Will give all those tools a try.

Keep you posted