Subs and size

well this may be one of those topics that you all heard often but unfortunately i wasnt able to find the information needed to fix my problem. i use cyberlink power director for all my video authoring, i usually burn movies that are 700 to 1600 mb in size and the good thing about ciberlink is that it has the smartfit option in it, otherwise i could probably not be able to fit the whole movie on one cd.

well the thing is that i decided to start adding subtittles to my movies but… i have problems using ciberlink for such purpose. it does add the subtittles (SRT only) but like at the middle of the movie they’re goen so… i manage to keep adding subtittle to the movie but instead of burning the whole project directly to the dvd, i opted for adding the subs and render the movie into a file. but… when i do that, the file size goes from 700 MB to 3 and some GB. this by using the mpge2 option in ciberlink. so my cuestion here is this… is there any other better option to add subs to a movie and render it directly to the dvd without all this messing around and also keeping some or most of the good quality from the original movie? or… a way to render the movie with subs onto a file but without making it huge in size?

if there’s an option for doin this, i would love to hear it from you guys, cause this is driving me crazy. specially cause i hate to do double the job. i thank you in advance and hope you’ll be able to help. thanks a bunch!

Here are a couple of sites you might want to check: