Subchannel data from audio and data tracks

i checked a cd rom with clony xxl and it says : laserlock protected , still in clony xxl i started clone cd and choose the clony xxl profile , it says : read subchannel data from data tracks and read subchannel data from audio track
but when i start clone cd without first using clony xxl , and choose the laserlock profile , both read subchannel dor data and audio are unmarked !! , what is right and what is wrong ??

bye and thankx in advance ,

robert ,

Laserlock does not require subchannel reading, Clony is kinda weird that way. Either should work, just try the profiles on this forum first, just so your reader doesn’t have to perform any unnecessary operation.

thankx for responding , i made a copy with the laserlock profile in clone cd , that means : with the reading subchannel data boxes unmarked , and it works ,

bye , robert