Subchannel Data Editing




I have 16 CD+G discs that produce double lines of graphics (lyrics) when played. I believe this was intended as an option to select the screen location of the lyrics.

Using CDGFix I can see the graphics are displayed on channels 0 & 8.

(Yes, zero and eight - CDGFix indicates there are 16 subchannels contrary to just 8, (P-W)) ???

I can also clear the one channel of data, frame by frame, to get a proper display.

But to do this for all 16 cds requires about 4 million edits.

I had no luck with a Auto Hot Key macro, as I cannot create a “check for channel 8” loop function.

Lurking, I was able to find Trumans program r2wfill which does work wonderfully but, as designed, removes all graphic info.

Could this be modified?

Is there some other way to do this?

ps This disks only caused problems for my newest player and I did contact the Karaoke player manufacturer with my problem. They advised to convert the discs to MPEG video format. That didn’t fix the problem.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated