SubChannel Data and Audio?

I have ACER 12/8/32 that cannot read subchannel info

and am wondering if I could make backups of my PSX CDs.

I heard that reading subchannel info is required for PSX CDs

but havent tried it myself and I’d like to know in advance. :slight_smile:

For PSX the reading of SubChannel Data is required and since your ACER cannot do this the back-ups won’t work. You can’t try to use a different reader to read the PSX games because for writing you need a writer that can write 96 bytes of SubChannel Data and your ACER can only write 94 bytes.

RAW-DAO 94 = 2352 bytes RAW Data + 94 Bytes P-W Subchannel Data. Same as RAW-DAO 96, but 2-Bytes CRC of the Q Subchannel are generated by the writer.
So basically it’s a no go for the ACER and (protected) PSX games.

The only way to really know if you can copy the PSX games is try to copy 1. I copied 9 games with an Acer 1208a. They were all supposed to be protected with LibyCrypt and required to have subchannel data and audio to work. Haven’t had any problems yet! Been using CloneCD to make the copies. If that don’t go try PSX Copy.