Subchannel burning

i have used several programs to see my burners abilities and it is able to burn to the subchannel with 96 bytes. I have been trying to back up my PSX games and used several progs but can’t play them without a modchip. Do you have to have a special kind of cd-r s to burn the subchannel data on, or is it possible on any cd. I have tried it with memorex 80min black cdrs and have had no luck. I also tried it with an 80 min sony audio cdr, the backups work fine on the computer with the emulator, but not in the PSX and i don’t want to buy a modchip.

TIA for help.

i am afraid u can’t backup PSX games without needing a modchip 2 play them.

The psx originals are made spcially + SONY tells the game makers how to make the game play but u cant copy the games using a conventinoal cd writer.

i think, but am not sure, that the PSX originals are “pressed”, and so you cant make a perfect unless u can press the data somehow.


Get it chipped!

as far as i know u can copy all tha data that tha drive see’s but it cant see tha region type info on psx disk. (so usa psx disks only work in usa playstations)

it cant copy that data and when it see’s it aint there, tha playsation game disk dont start

all tha mod chips do is fool tha playstation into thinking it is right :slight_smile: