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I have been using 1click DVD Copy.

When I record English speaking films with sub-titled sections or captions in a foreign language scene (like The Pianist) ANyDVD does not copy the sub-titles.

I have tried every permutation within 1click, sub-titles, all languages, extras, etc etc, but to no avail.

I was using DVD43 and it copied these sub-titled sections fine, but AnyDVD just refuses to.

Anyone got any ideas ?


This appears to be a 1Click DVD copy problem. Have you tried CloneDVD2 by elby. Try it. It has a 21 day trial and you have nothing to lose. :cop:


I have already tried clonedvd for another reason a while back.
Besides, having shelled out on AnyDVD, I am loathed to shell out on CloneDVD.
DVD43 worked fine, the only problem I had was an occasional inability to crack decoding.

The fly in the ointment is AnyDVD.


neither anydvd nor dvd43 have any bearing over what portions of the original are copied over to the backup. they simply decrypt on a driver level so that another program canrip, transcode, etc.

anydvd’s new ripper function allows ripping, but only 1:1 similar to the way in which dvd decrypter rips.

for the above reasons, I would also tend to lean toward it being a 1-click issue…based onthe simple fact that neither anydvd nor dvd43 CAN affect subtitles…


@ Mark Dudman,

I echo Forum Member reasonsnotrules concerning AnyDVD. AnyDVD is a sophisticated driver that decrypts the copy protection of a Commercial DVD Movie Title. The AnyDVD software program does nothing to alter or effect the sub-titles of a Commercial DVD Movie Title.

Your problem with the lack of sub-titles is related to the manor in which you use of the 1Click DVD Copy software program to transcode (compress/shrink) your Commercial DVD Movie Title. Suggest visiting the CD Freaks 1Click DVD Copy Forum ( and inquire there concerning the proper handling of sub-titles.

I am a little confused with your use of the phase ‘shell out’ when referencing to AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Both of these programs have a free 21-day trial period before you have to purchase a registration key. There is absolutely no difference between the trail and registered versions.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and downloading the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD. Ensure that you completely remove the DVD43 program before installing AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

To obtain detailed information on how to use the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination view the AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial. The below User Tutorial will provide information on how to properly process sub-titles.

Best Regards,


The decrypters should not effect it, but the fact remains AnyDVD does, for whatever reason.

Trial versions are no use to me because you can only down load Slysoft progs once, as it retains the original 21 day trial finish date, and I used these programs to resolve other issues previously, hence the need to “shell out”.

I was just hoping for some constructive advice rather than just use this progam or use that program :confused:


As said before any dvd doesn’t remove nothing but the encryption and region code. The other issues are from your burning program.


Sorry, but you are wrong. AnyDVD does not touch any streams (subtitle and/or sound) in the .vob files.


Mark Dudman,

Anydvd does not do anything with subtitles - it doesnt remove them, alter them or disable them. Your problem is elsewhere - probably in 1 click dvd copy.

Im not familiar with that program, perhaps you are using a movie-only copy that doesnt keep forced subtitles (ie the commands in the ifo’s that turn on subtitles at appropriate times)…

Ive used anydvd whilst backing up my movies that have subtitles - ive been caught out before (like with kill-bill 2) with some programs not including the commands to turn on the subtitles.

Have a look at dvd rebuilder - it works for me.



@ Mark Dudman,

Perchance have you ever heard the saying “Everyone is wrong but I right?”

Six Forum Members have attempted to informed you that the AnyDVD software program just removes encryption copy protection and in no way alters or effects the sub-titles of a Commercial DVD Movie Title but you continue to insist that they are wrong and you are right.

Once again your problem is related to the manner in which you are using whatever program you are using to transcode (compress/shrink) your Commercial DVD Movie Title. Some Forum Members refer this as “User Error”. Like it or not your failure to be able to include sub-titles is not related to the AnyDVD software program.

Since you have used up your 21-day trial period if you wish to continue to use the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs that you are going to have to purchase these outstanding software products.

Best Regards,


This line is from the AnyDVD help

Feature Removal: You can remove certain features, like Region Code, Analog Protection and User prohibited Operations (like forced Subtitles)

I would just like someone to convince me that these forced sub-titles are totally un-related, and that people are not just giving me the pat reply that software support techies are wont to do


prhibited user operations are operations within the navigation and structre of the dvd. anydvd will nto removed the subtitles themselves, but just the fact that they are FORCED. it will allow you to turn them on and off. other PUOPs include forcing you to sit through the FBI warning. when anydvd is running you can skip that junk and go right to the menu.

anydvd does not remove CONTENT just prohibited operations (like the ability to “un-force” subtitles and to skip through fbi warnings)

i hope that explains anydvd’s role in “removing” things…


@ Mark Dudman,

Forum Member reasonsnotrules has done a very good job in explaining how AnyDVD handles forced subtitles.

If you are using the AnyDVD and CloneDVD software combination you can include any sub-title that is available on the Commercial DVD Movie Title by navigating to the ‘Audio and Subtitle Settings’ page and selecting the sub-title that you chose to include. If you are using 1Click DVD Copy suggest visiting the CD Freaks 1Click DVD Copy Forum ( and inquire there concerning the proper handling of sub-titles.

Suggest re-reading Forum Member Tru comments in Forum posting #8. Forum Members Tru comments are as close to the software author comments that anyone on the CD Freaks Forum will receive. If you want to receive an Official comment directly from the software author suggest addressing your E-Mail to support(at) (replace (at) with @).

Best Regards,


They are. The “forced subtitles” mentioned in the documentation are subtitles which are “forced upon the user” (you are not able to switch them off), like foreign subtitles when selecting the english soundtrack because of some stupid licensing agreement. (Oh God! People from the UK could dare to buy a german or french DVD and listen to the english audio!)
Try it yourself: Enable AnyDVD with all options and play the original DVD on your PC with the player software of your choice. You will see, that all subtitles will be present. The “forced” subtitles you are talking about will be shown (in PowerDVD, don’t forget to enable subtitle display).


I have tried 1clickcopy in the past -1 time - and that was enough for me - long story short…pitch it , besides the terrible transcoder the software is just to guessy. Buy Clonedvd2 it’s well worth the price.


The problem Mark Dudman is having is exactly the same problem I’m having (see Goal! thread).

I was also under the impression anydvd was doing something with the forced subtitles (after reading the help) but based on what people are saying on this thread, I’m happy thats not the problem.

However I’m still unable using clonedvd (as of a couple of days ago) to copy the movie and end up with the subtitles appearing ONLY when a foreign language is being spoken (ie the same as when I play the original disk)

i’ve include all the english subtitle tracks available, and no matter which subtitle track is selected, the subtitles are on for all text spoken in the movie not just where a different language is being spoken.

Am I right in assuming there should be a subtitle track which ONLY contains subtitles for the couple of scenes in the film where a different language is being spoken? and if so how do you identify which one it is?

Sorry to bang on about it but I’m building up quite a collection of backups of the movie, none of which are as I want it. I’ve got versions of the movie only and the full disk with all menus/features intact.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of CLonedvd last night as there is a new version available but haven’t tried it yet. Here’s hoping…


In CloneDVD, are you selecting “Preserve Menus”? With some movies, you must include the menus for correct subtitle functionality on the backup.

Have you checked the default subtitle settings in your DVD player’s onscreen setup menu?



Hi Whisperer1,

I’ll have another play tonight and see what happens.



also, there’s no need to waste discs with every attempt! just copy to files or an ISO and view the playback on your computer…


The OP has already received a reply from Slysoft, which reiterates what everyone else here has stated, and to the best of my knowledge, he has now created at least three threads concerning his issue.


" Mark Dudman

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Well the reply was …


Thank you for your message.

AnyDVD has nothing to do with the copy process as such, it only enables the
copy program to access the DVD.

Best regards

Bernd Hartings
SlySoft, Inc.

I wrote back and said, as this only occurs with this decrypter, please explain to me how it is not an Any DVD issue :stuck_out_tongue:

Usual software support mentality, its not our fault, its somebody else’s."

I believe what whisperer1 wrote (very much so, in fact) is on the right track.

  1. Ensure original menus are being preserved (if possible)
  2. Ensure all subtitles are being copied (not just English and the foreign subtitles)
  3. Use the standalone dvd remote, if need be, during movie playback, to select the appropriate subtitle option (it’s often not subtitle 1 or 2, in these cases either).