Sub-titles always on in DVD copies

When I backup a DVD and play it in any DVD player I have (2 different players and 2 different drives on my computers), the movie always starts with the subtitles enabled. I want the subtitles but I don’t want to have them turned on by default… Why are my copies like that and how can I fix this problem?

Using clonedvd2 ver. and anydvd


Most likely solution. Go into your DVD player’s on screen settings and change the default for subtitles back to “OFF”. Then they should only play when commanded to by the original DVD movie’s authoring or are included on the film reel of the original movie before the move was digitally transfered to DVD. Like in “The Last Samurai”, during the scenes in which the actors are speaking Japanese.

At least 1 of my dvd players have no such OFF setting for subtitles. I have a choice for several languages. Basically, the subtitles are off by default, that is, when I put in an original DVD. My problem appears only when I put in a backup DVD. This is why I thought the problem might be a CloneDVD2 or AnyDVD setting. As I said, this happens on all my DVD players with backup copies only.

Any other thoughts?


if you don’t need the subtitles, get rid of them with clonedvd, how many times will you be watching the film with subtitles on ?, probable never.

I thought about it but I actually use them quite often. Not for the whole movie but here and there from time to time. French is my first language and altough my english is pretty good, I do sometimes miss a phrase here or there in the movies that I watch (I always watch them in original version and for me, that’s usually in english).

Subtitles are good if you live in an apartment building and dont want to turn it up too loud to hear the whispering in movies. You know how everything else is loud but the talking lol.

With PowerDVD if you watch one movie w/subtitles on they will come on auto the next time. Just check subtitles off in your dvd player program.

fair point about english not being your first language and needing subtitles :cool:

I just thought I’d point out that this only happens on copies on which I remove menus. So I put in the disc, the movie starts right away and subtitles are on. Again, this only happens with copies and not originals and when menus where not copied.

this has nothing to do with your subtitle problem…but just checking to see if you knew your anydvd is out of date. you report using update!!

This has been reported MANY times in the forum. As has been said before, this is caused by some movies putting the subtitle commands in the menu so that when you hit play on the menu the subtitles are then turned off. If you keep the menu, the subtitles will work fine. This only happens on some movies, not all.

I guess I’ve been unlucky. I think all the DVDs I backed up do this. I have 100 of them. As I said and you are right about this, when I keep menus, it’s all fine. I just don’t keep them so the problem occurs. I remove menus especially on my kids’ movies because there’s always 5 to 10 mins. of previews before the movie starts. So I have to stay there and wait for the menu (the kids can’t work the DVD player… too young). So there’s nothing else that can be done? No software that will somehow set the DVD’s subtitles to “off” by default when there’s no menu?


You’d have to add the subtitle commands yourself with PGCEdit or IFOEdit. If you search for sub titles in this forum you’ll find a tutorial I posted a link to that should help. I’ve never done it as I always keep the menus. (I strip the previews and crap so you only have to hit ‘ok’ on the remote to start playing the movie). In any case you can add the commands manually if you’re so inclined.

Those previews running have nothing to do with choosing “Perserve Menu”. You deselect the previews as Title Sets. The main movie is the long title set and previews are the short 1-2 minute titles. Just deselect (uncheck) them.

Your right, my mistake. But since I only copy the movie and no extras, I saw no point in copying the menus and it made it alot easier for my 4 year old to watch a movie, she just had to stick the disc in… I guess I’ll just start preserving menus from now on… :frowning:

Thanks for that tip, I’ll look it up. I’m also starting to consider preserving menus. I didn’t because I didn’t see the point because I didn’t copy the extras but now I guess I have a reason. I’ll try both solutions and choose. Thanks!

I like keeping the menu even without extras for another reason, too…you get the chapter selection menus. Those are useful to me.

It is unfortunate and frustrating that CloneDVD2 frequently defaults to subtitles being on just because the user included them in the backup. The ability to set default subtitles, audio tracks and start/end points are features available in DVDShrink that would be welcome additional features in CloneDVD2.

is it clonedvd that’s the problem though? I thought it had to do with the way the player reacts to not having a menu. I don’t think anyone that has preserved menus in clonedvd has had this problem, or am i wrong?

I guess it is a CloneDVD2 issue.
And in some cases (menu not preserved) it may produce extremely interesting phenomena, like default subtitle is always on, it can not be turned off even by the DVD player whatever you do. Weird… Though it has to be stated that this fault exhibits rarely.

Olli had stated it’s on his list of things to do for CloneDVD. I suspect a new version is being worked on but we have no idea when we’ll actually see that.