Sub question

Question: I’m a stereo guy and I’m using a sub-woofer with my set-up. 2Rotel 1080 amps. running Studio 100 Paradigms. I have a 15" paradigm sub and probably missing out on sounds the 15" has a hard time making. I want to get another smaller sub that would be able to make those freguncies I’m missing.Is it possible to mix sizes of subs without cancelling out. I have always thought with the use of two subs they have to be the exact same while phased.

Each sub would have a different response curve, I believe mathematically your never going to get them exact across the whole frequency range. Your going to have to pick a mHz and set them equal at that. Get yourself an SPL meter play a test tone through the receiver and balance the volume of the subs.



Most SPL meters are notoriously incorrect when attempting to measure test tones in the sub-woofer range…
The following link will provide you with a bit more information in the event you use the Radio Shack SPL…

Some well noted material with that link. :slight_smile: