.SUB/.IMG Error

I’ve recently tried to back up my game disc (SafeDisk 2.6) and the read (CloneCD seems to go very nicely (profile=SafeDisk 2, no AWS), but I opened the resulting .IMG file with WinISO and added a new folder containing a patch. I saved the new .IMG (still under 700mb in size) with WinISO, tried to burn it with CloneCD (same profile), and I’m getting the “IMAGE.SUB does not match IMAGE.IMG” error. Is there anything that can be arranged in this case so that the write goes OK?

Currently reading/writing with ASUS E616/LTR48125W on Win98se PC

This just does not work, many have tried. Your only alternative is the Archive feature in GameJack. I’ve been testing GJ lately and Kasra Nuhi from Engleman Media & I have managed to iron quite a few bugs out