Sub Font and text change on DVD player

How i can move my subtitles down and change font on my Philips DVP 5960 player?


Check the manual please.

first thing i did, but didin’t find anything :doh: !

anyone have idea how to convert .mkv file to avi or something that plays on my philps DVP5960 ?


i’ve tryed several programs but dosen’t help…

yes we always have ideas! :slight_smile:

If you let us know what you have tried so far, somebody might be able to help :slight_smile:

…or something. :confused:

.mkv files are mostly used to hold illegal movie copies, so best would be to ask the one who provided you with that file. Because if YOU had created that file, you’d know how to convert it to something else.

well, i got it converting with river past video cleaner now… just have to wait 2h… I’ts lost 3.13 :slight_smile:

now i’ll just try to figure out how to move my subtitles.

w00t, i have a 150GB avi file now…

:doh: :doh: :confused: :doh: :doh:

and VLC player dosen’t even play it…

my idea was to do it .avi so my DVD player can play it but…

Read the manuals from the program you have used.