Sub-$300 Laser Printer for Discs -?



Newbie/Dumb-guy Question Alert: I’m waaay too new at disc printing so please forgive my ignorance. Would it theoretically be possible to save money with a color laserjet printer vs. inkjet? For me, it is not super important to have the most stunning/sharp/vibrant etc. image on a disc but rather I am trying to get the most value from my ink purchase.

I just printed my first disc using SureThing and I was shocked to see how much the Magenta CLI-8M (OEM) dropped, at least from the “Ink Details” graphic. If I could find a color laser printer for less than $300 would I save money on ink? How can I change the printer settings so that my MP500 does not use photo-quality for discs? I’m only printing “basic” labels like this one -


There are no laser printers for discs.

If you want to use less ink, don’t use solid color backgrounds, and/or reduce your color density and/or quality settings. All disc printing will use photo settings. But it’s going to use approximately the same amount of ink that a photo of the same size will.


Yeah, I sort of figured out not to use solid color backgrounds. Here are the manual color properties for my MP500:

CNBJPRN2 (Default/Automatic profile)

Do you know which of these would use the least amount of ink? And how can I turn off photo quality for disc printing (or can I)? Thanks again.:slight_smile: