Stutters every 1,5 second in playback when AVI -> DVD


I’m having a weird problem when creating a DVD from an AVI-file.
The process I use is this:

  • Convert the AVI files with CuCuSoft (latest) to M2V and MPA
  • Using IfoEdit to create BUP/IVO/VOB files into VIDEO_TS
  • Burn the DVD with Nero 6

End result is a movie that has a continous stutter every 1,5 second for the whole duration of the DVD.
This is visible on any player I use, including stand-alone Samsung.
It is visible before the burn, so I exclude Nero 6 as the cause.

This does not happen when I do a convert from AVI -> VCD (*MPG)

I tried killing all processes on my PC that could interfer, but no success.

What I use:

DVD Writer: NEC ND-2510A
Media: Princo 1-4xspeed 4.7g
AVI-> M2V/MPA converter: CuCuSoft v4.56
M2V/MPA --> BUP/IVO/VOB: IfoEdit 0.95
Burn: Nero 6 using default settings

Writing at 4x Speed (slower does not make a difference)

I have been checking about any forum in existence for a resolve, but unable to find an answer.
What I did see was people suffering from stutters due to bad media, but as far as I understand Princo seems to be rather good.

Any help or lead to solution welcome!

i hate to say it, but cucusoft’s software is crap. try looking in the tutorials section of the video forum for better ways to convert your video files.

as far as I understand Princo seems to be rather good.

princos are to be avoided, much like cucusoft. the media forum has a wealth of information on which types of media you should be looking for.

Ok, understand.
Found the guide you referred to. I will give it a try and see if it resolves.
And for the media…welll, I guess I go after some others then :slight_smile:

Hope it works.
Thanks for the help!

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Acoding to the CDfreaks rulebook, page 105 the answer is obvious - try using Nero6 and memorex DVDs,