Stuttering with px-716a


I made several burn with my plextor but I’ve got some troubles for the first time. I get skipping / stuttering on 4 different DVD players, but the disc plays fine on my plextor and other dvd-rom on my computer.

I tried 2 different brands of media, ridata dvd-r 8x and verbatim dvd-r 8x. It’s been now 4 bad dvds in a row.

I read some thread about change the booktype settings, will it change something for me even if I use dvd-r media ? Any other suggestion ?

Changing the booktype will not affect the skipping problem. Booktype can only be changed for DVD+R/RW/R-DL media, not for DVD-R media. Anyway, the pixelation/stuttering problem is almost always a result of a bad recording either caused by low quality discs, a too high recording speed or a damaged/scratched disc. I am not that familiar with RiData discs but I do know that generally speaking, Verbatim should work just fine. At which speeds did you burn the discs? If you used maximum speed try lowering the write speed to 8X. Good luck.