Stuttering playback

I am getting stuttering playback half way though the film of shrek on my home dvd player, i am using dvd dycrypter, dvd2one 1.0 band primo on a pioneer a05 , is dvd2one the problem, should i upgrade to 1.02?


Upgrading will fix some bugs, altough most of the time stuttering comes from poor media or poor media support by your player

(but 1.01 fixes some minor compliance bugs)

Ok have updgraded now… we will see if it is DVD2one or my poor media or player, I am using 1 x speed Bulkpaq (purple discs) they take an hour but the 4 x media is too expensive. Can anybody recommend good types or makes of discs that dont break the bank. I can wait for the discs, they are written on my second machine.


Hey Stevie Boy. Pioneer Media will burn 100% ok every time.