Stuttered dvd picture and sound


I have just started to copy DVD’s but each time the finished dvd has a stuttered picture and sound every second or two. I use an AOpen DVD recorder, Win XP, and have tried several different DVD burning software (Nero, Ultra DVD Creator, and others). What causes this, is it the dvd writer drive, or the software, or some other intrference on my PC?

Many thanks for your help, as I want to watch the movie files I have on a big screen TV. :slight_smile:

if u have them in dvd format… nero express should do the trick ( nero - nero express - video/pictures - dvd-video files)… and if ur trying to burn a dvd disk, use dvd shrink (dont burn rented movies(its illegal))…that should do the trick!!! and if its in avi or something, use WinAVI video converter(not free) and then use nero express to burn it!!! :iagree:

Almost certainly the result of bad media or media that isn’t compatible with your burner. What type/s of dvd blanks have you been using?

I had issues with different brands. Verbatim seems to give me the best results.

do u get the same problems with original dvd’s? if so then its a problem with your pc. if not its a media issue. try better quality, or different types.

as mentioned try other media, more important when burning 4x-8x speed for recording works everytime hope this is of some help to you---------SILVERSURFER