The losers of this contest won:

Man Dies After Winning Tequila Shot Contest

what goes around comes around ehh?

so who gets his prize money?

the worm :slight_smile:

i think i was related to him…heck i can use 300 bucks…

When I read the thread title I thought: why are they making a thread about me? :bigsmile:

He drunk 50 Tequilla shots … even I’m not that stupid to drink that much. :eek:

Ricardo Ivan Garcia, R.I.P.

well then, drink 49.

I would stop at 20 … I’m not stupid.

Haha… I bet the tequila was more expensive than the prize money

I wonder who got the worm.

Did they have to pay for it themselves??

I would know as much as you do

hmm, Darwin Award candidate?

Indeed a true Darwin award nominee!

LOL! That pic is way too funny. I don’t drink so if I started doing Tequila shots I might be able to survive 3 of them before passing out in a cold sweaty stupor…

stupor is sometimes ok.