Stupid VSO!

:smiley: Help please and thank you :smiley:

okay I’ve been burning DVDs for only god knows how long and recently i tried to burn one of my movies (Will not metion name) with ConvertXDVD the same program I always use… WTH? I get an error at about 7% saying Unit attention, Power on or bus device and then I can’t use the disc again! I’ve looked this up on all fourms and can get any answers!!! If anyone could help me you would be a life savour. lol I need help! :a please anyone?

PS I’ve recently changed my software to CUCUSOFT AVI to DVD and same problem but no error @ 12%. Instead of leaving an error it just shutsdown. Need this movie for son. Is it possible for the movie file to be corrupted? anything i can do.? WITHOUT taking my computer apart? and If I do have to take it apart what must I do?

Yes and that’s almost certainly the case with the problem you describe.

downloaded another one and same problem!