Stupid vexatious lawsuits

Whilst reading groklaw over the sco/ibm thing I came accros a link to a news story concerning a law suit lodge in a french court in respect to a bus company suing 10 cleaning ladies and their employer, reason being the women organised a car pool to travel 40Km from their homes in france to cross the border in luxembourg and the employer is liable for their actions thus. After cleaning they would in the past usually catch the 9.30pm bus home( it usually arrived at 10.30pm) In addition, whilst travelling on this bus niether food or talking was permitted(do not disturb or upset the bus driver otherwise he may say a few words of invective and evict the passenger in question) . The bus company charges them with organising parasitical competion by the car pooling effort and seeks compensation in the form of confiscation of their cars and 55000 euros each . Groklaw gives credit to a blog and provides links to the Sydney morning herald(australian newspaper) The Guardian(uk) the blogger and a french new media outfit as well. One writer indicates that one pssibility under french law if this fails the originator of the lawsuit could be liable for all the penalties they seek thus link to groklaw dated july 13th=“” and link to the guardian newspaper=“,3604,1525590,00.html” Oh well such is life !

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These ladies were exercising their right to choose the most economical, timely and effective way to work. The bus company exercised their right to employ an obnoxious and persistently late driver. How can the bus company hope to compete if they don’t make an effort to be competitive in the first bus, ummm sorry place.


That trial will be a nice debit post in the bus companys budget record for this year. There is no possibility that a car pool would be ruled illegal.