Stupid technology mistakes

Life is getting more complicated by the minute so no matter how much you think you know about the technology around you, sooner or later you’ll make a stupid mistake.

For example, the other day I phone a friend’s home number from my mobile and asked if he was in!! :o

Whats the stupidest thing you’ve done?

Lately? Me and my girl were planning to watch a dvd so i fired up my ultra cool dvd player, even more cool surround set and my not-so-cool television. Quickly i came to notice that the bass speaker of the 5.1 set did not work. The display said “Install bass speaker”, so i came to the conclusion that the cable between speaker and surround set must be broken or badly connected.

Since i’m da man, that means fiddling half an hour with various cables to try and get it to work. My girl got angry so i gave up and watched the movie without bass. Bummer for me, but she never cared wether it would work or not.

Next morning i browsed around in the initial setup of the surround set and noticed that “Bass speaker installed: NO” was activated. I set it to yes and wham! It’s alive! Ready for testing! Fifteen minutes of heavy music later i proudly announce to her that the bass now works as well! As if she couldn’t tell from the loud music.

The stupidest thing I can think of is this:

At a place I used to work we had 8 Unix servers with almost but not quite similar roles and configurations.

After updating the printer configuration file for one of those servers, it somehow seemed like a good idea (for a few seconds) to distribute the updated file to not only the one server it was meant for, but also to the 7 other servers it was not meant for.

Doing this with a one-line command at the time was real easy, and just about half-a second after pressing ENTER it dawned on me why it was a really dumb thing to do. :doh:

After going to the basement of another building and getting 7 back-up tapes, bringing them to the server room on another floor, loading the tapes in 7 different tape stations, and running a lengthy restore process on each of the servers to get back to the correct configuration, I really had wasted a lot of unnecessary time.

All that work to recover from a one-second mistake!

It was all done after hours (with no overtime pay), so practically no one else but myself was impacted by that act of thoughtlessness, but I didn’t get home until late that evening.

It really is a good idea to hesitate before you push that ENTER button when you have root in a multi-server environment! :o

Another really stupid thing I did was this:

I have a small stereo system with a remote control in my bedroom, and I use it as an advanced alarm clock. The volume is always set at the same level.

One day when I turned on the system to listen to the radio, there was no sound at all. No sound from the CD player or MiniDisc player either. The speaker cables were connected properly.

Oh well, I thought - I guess I have to get a new system because this one is broken. I used a week or so to investigate what systems would fulfill my needs, and decided on one to buy.

Then for some reason I decided to try the old system again before buying the new system, I turned it on and pressed the volume+ button - and there was sound coming from the speakers!

Somehow I had managed to turn down the volume all the way by accidentally pressing the volume- button on the remote while laying in bed, and it didn’t occur to me to check the volume for a whole week - assuming that the stereo system must be broken! :doh: :o

I still have the same stereo system and it has been working fine ever since…

Haha, that’s brilliant :clap: :bigsmile:

Guys, these are great…keep 'em coming :bigsmile: - I’m sure I’ve dropped more than a few technological clangers myself, it’s whether I’ve blocked them from memory or not :o

Edit: oh, Drage just reminded me, here’s one:

When I got my first proper set of surround speakers for my PC, I decided to set them up at after midnight. Plugged them in, and there was an extension with a volume control knob on it.

Idiot here forgot to check the level of that, plaugged them in, switched on the PC, fired up some music…at top volume, in the middle of the night.

Whoops :o

Asking your friend whether he was in wasn’t the stupid part! :disagree:

The stupid part is that you’re now assuming that if you call a home number, then the call cannot be forwarded to somewhere else, like a mobile phone (cell phone). :bigsmile:

Call forwarding has been available in many forms for many years now!

Drages reomte problem sounds familiar. I’m always falling asleep in bed at night with the TV on and the remote on the bed. More that once I’ve rolled over on the remote and pressed on the volume button and woke up to the sound of the TV at full volume. I’m surprised that the speakers still work. :o

…And that the neighbours still speak to you, which is what surprised me after my little “mis-hap” :o

I’m pretty deaf (shot to many guns in my life) and my wife can sleep through anything so who knows how long the volume’s at max. I’m surprised my neighbors still talk to me! :bigsmile:

The year 1969…my “Woodstock” days…if you get my drift…

Don’t know if anyone remembers the heathkit, build-it-yourself tuners, etc., but there I am building my own tuner. After smoking mass quantities of an illicit substance and many hours of soldering, etc., I proudly noted my completed project. Plugged it in and No Sound! Checked the connections in my state-of-the-art-component, stereo system, no luck. If I cranked the volume to max, I could just hear Jimi Hendrix as a whisper! I Proceeded to smoke more mass quantities…

For the next 3 hours, re-soldered anything on the board that looked marginal, and rechecked anything I could think of…
Still no dice.

Decided to actually filp the speaker switch (on the amp) to on… :doh:

Damn near blew me out of the room…note to self, turn the volume down BEFORE activating speakers!

Once the bleeding from my ears let up, I was able to enjoy my fancy new tuner… :bigsmile:

During my non-medicinal substance abuse days I decided to put a cd-burner in my computer. Not knowing exactly what I was doing, I unplugged every cable (except the hard drive) in the computer and then reconnected them all. I wound up connecting the floppy cable backwards. Never knew why the FD wouldn’t take a disk until I did the same thing installing a new hard drive on my next computer about 4 years later. Now I know that they are supposed to go a certain way! :doh:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile:
The good old days! :iagree:

If they did, how could you tell? :wink: