Stupid question





Which is the difference between an Epson 660 and 640 ?? Thanks…




That is a good one black diamond.


actually the epson 660 is a little faster
than the 640. 6ppm compared to like 5ppm.
the 640 is a good printer but a little noisy


This is a question about something that really worries me.
Why is it that people like Vlad post these questions ( and they can only really be described as STUPID! )on the forums instead of using their brains to find out for themselves?
Is it really so unthinkable an act to type something like into your browser window address bar?
Really guys give it some thought.
Is it that a lot of people have now lost the capability of thinking?


I agree Black Diamond, a lot of people should look a bit furhter, most of the time you can find the answer in this forum somewhere or just as you said at the products site.



There are no stupid questions , stupid are people who do not ask questions ! Or do not help.


GO GO Black Diamond!!!


I’m sorry if someone thinks that I’m only wasting their time answering me but I made this question only because I trust more in your daily experience than “the product site” where people try only to sell the more expensive product.
Sorry Vlad.


Vlad, let me assure you that Epson would be as interested in selling you personally a printer as they would be in sending you a box of condoms!.
If the manufacturer cannot be relied upon to give factual data as to the specifications of their printers then howmany people do you think are on this forum that PERSONALLY own and use both these printers?


well, actually I HAD one, the 640.
and my answer to Vlad is what the saleperson
told me. But I do agree with Black Diamond that just a little effor by typing a search you can almost find out anything.