Stupid question



ok i have a lighton dl burner the new one that makes labels on the top of the dvd mediai like to use imation/verbatim/memorex media i also have a optirite burner dl … system amd x64 4400 win x64 pro asus a8n motherboard 4GB ddr ram 2 160GB sata 300 ok now thats over i have many different forms of dvd’s some are iso some are backups some i have are nero recode on my computer my problem is that im missing data it seems like
when i burn a dvd in eather burner theres like blocks of data missing when i play the dvd in a dvd player very blockey you cant c half the picture the sound is hosed up to am i burning to fast are my burners junk it burns at 8x by default should i change it to 4x any help thx guys


What are the media codes of your media? Use dvd identifier to tell the manufacture id. Also, could you be more specific on what you burned, how you did it, and what problems you are having with the disk. You need to be a little more clear.
Also, you can download cdspeed or kprobe and do a disk quality test (in your liteon) on one of the disks you have burned, and save the graph as a png file, and post it.


have u solved the problem yet?
If not… are you multitasking too much stuff? dvd burners maybe underrun proof but they can still muck up the burning when under extreme conditions.
I would try all the simplest things first when debugging a problem with burning. like for one, burning with no other programs running at the same time… burning on top quality media at a very slow burn rate… etc…
And what about the settings in nero recode? are they responsible for the problem? ( i doubt this though)


i have a stand alone burning machine intel 1500 like 700 Mb of ram and a 80 Gb hd nothing runs on this machine but an antivirus prog its AVG
you know if you have digital cable and your not getting a strong signal or like dish network when its raining real hard and your loosing signal the dvd looks like that
small squares of data on the screen you cant watch it its all hosed up ok im working on the graph and manufacture id i think you mean the media i use manufacture id the movies play but unwatchable i can burn anything else games iso 's dvd games all the stuff you use but i must be missing somthing


this is the lighton graph


dvd media imation dvd=r 8x


dvd =r verbatim


memorex dvd +r printable


hope this helps i use dvd x utilitys / nero / imgburn / # 1 dvd ripper /deamon/alcohol 120%/ ashampoo /easy cd ripper /dvd shrink /


i burned a dvd iso


amd 4400 with optrite burner / verbatim disk


i think my stand alone burner is to slow what do u think


do you have DMA enabled for your drive?





your Liteon drive should be capable to do quality scanning with Nero CD/DVD-Speed. So you can see, if your discs are faulty. Set scan speed to 4x.



this is what i get with nero on the lighton


The verbatium you got are mcc003 which are very good media that works well with most drives. The memorex and imation are both the same media (cmcmage01). cmcmage01 works pretty well for many people, but there have been several people that have had problems with it too. I think it depends on your drive (nec drives seem to burn it very well).
The test in cdspeed that we are looking for is the disk quality test. Change it to that tab (if you are working with an older version of nero/cdspeed it might be listed under extras) and run the test at 4x. You should get a graph like this (the bottom picture).
For some reason I cannot see that last one you attached but did it look like that?


ok hers the graph with a movie dvd i burnt


A couple of things. That is the right test. First off, I’m guessing that wasn’t scanned on the liteon. In the future, use your liteon drive for scanning. Second, under settings speed, select 4x, not maximum. At the top where it says atapi dvd ls… That is where you select the drive to scan with.
Reguardless, it would seem that acording to the top graph (pi errors), that disk burned very good so burn quality (with the verbatium at least) is not your problem. On the bottom graph, I asume that the drive could not report pi falures, thats one reason to use they liteon, they can report pi falures. If the drive can infact report pi falures, having no errors is very rare (an exceptional burn), but I would be more liklly to think it cannot report pi falures so use the liteon. Maybe next time try scanning one of the cmcmage01 disks that you have already burned to see how it did?
Also, try to keep track of what disk was originally burned on what drive. It’s possible that one of your drives will like a particular media but the other wont.


Judging by the burst rate test, from both the rate achieved & the CPU usage, there is no way that DMA is enabled.
Slow rates & Very high CPU usage are exactly what you get when running in PIO mode.