[stupid question]: throwing away CD-R's

If you make a mistake recording on a CD-R, do you really have to just throw it away? Also, is there really any difference in brand names for CD’s, and is there really any real difference between Data CD’s and Music CD’s?
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Yes. Once data no matter what has been written to a CD then that is it, of course the are ways around this using packet writing software, multisession burning or CD-RW discs.

Yes. Like everything in life you get what you pay for but there are certain brands to buy and then there are those to avoid, have a look in the recorder forums to see what people recommend for your drive or just tell us what make / model of drive you have.

Yes and no. Once again this all depends on the circumstances the main difference between these discs is that the Audio CD-R’s have a small track pre written on them that says “I’m on Audio CD” but if your using a good quality data CD-R you should be ok. Some old CD players and most old in car audio CD systems have a major problem reading CD-R’s even the Audio ones if this applies to you then try different brands until you find one that works for you.

Thank you for such a good, and articulate reply.

Nice going johnboywalton, thanx for helping out :slight_smile: