Stupid question regarding Verbatim MIJ DVD-+R

What I read here is that the MIT and MII discs are actually made according to Verbatim spec and with Verbatim dye.

But what about MIJ? Are these simply relabled TY and therefor not with AZO dye?

The cakebox of 25 DVD+R I got from SVP says ‘Super AZO+’ but that’s not correct then?


TY also uses azo dye.
So it’s correct.

So the Yuden T03 by Plextor are not the same as Yuden T03 from Verbatim? Or do you mean TY uses Azo on all their discs (I thought they used stabilized cyanine)?


TY’s DVD[U]+[/U]R is made with Azo.
Their CD-R are made with Super Cyanine.

OK, thanks, learned something new today :slight_smile:


Are these TY made Verbatims common in Europe? I haven’t seen them in the US in a very long time.

Not very common, but sometimes you can see them…

Actually, I wanted MIT Verbies but SVP only has MIJ at the moment it seems :slight_smile:


@ kerry56 - Uk shops seem to stock MCC004 but TY can easily be obtained online.

Edit - @ Moomin - all my MCC004 from SVP were made in India. If your in the Uk see this post as my locals both stock MITs.

Why prefer variations of MIT Verbies , or buy the worst MII same discs?
There is not problem with MIJ Verbies-Burn fine min @12X-Also rare find again in future too,to try other time.

I have notived my recent MIJ Verbs (T03) have burnt very poorly in comparison to the Plextor T03’s