Stupid question NEC 3500A drive & Firmware

I am dumping my Sony drive since it can’t support DVD9 or use bitsettings. So as everyone here seems to love, I am getting the NES 3500A from Newegg but they give me a stupid list of different ones, all I want is an IDE internal and that’s it. So which one should I get or does it matter?

Second Q is what firmware do I need to download for bitsetting and region free? Where’s the link?

There are only 2 options at Newegg to choose from:

  • Different color and with/without software
  • they are all the same drives(internal IDE)

Recommend you do some search here on firmwares…The newest TDK 2C8 seems to be a good choice.

To add to previous advice! Go to the web site you posted in this forum post and type nec 3500a in the search bar, then it will show you the 3500a only, you choose which color you want --and hey some comes with no software and some does so you choose -not much difference in price. I got 3500a from egghead and they are good to do business with-also you can call them.
geforce 5200x video 128 neg
using platium xcopy (legal before feb 2004)
nero latest 6 software
3500a black in color with firware herries 2.17
and loving it :slight_smile:


With www.newegg.coms latest price of $70 + $5 shipping for the bare drive in beige - what a deal-