[stupid question]Just the end of DVDs burning bad

Well,a while back I backed up al my movies(only 15 or so) on cheap Staples brand dvd-rs. Here’s the problem and stupid question:

I now realize that the reason they are all bad is because of the cheap media.I’m positive of that after experimenting with different brands and all that. Do you think re-ripping them back onto the computer and re-burning them with quality media would work?Logic says no,but I’m not sure if it’s possible and would like to not waste a good dvdr finding out.Anyone ever try this?

Most likely it WILL work.

99 times out of 100, the DVD wil play perfectly in a dvd-rom drive and not on a standalone dvd player.

Just copy the DVD to your Hard disk and play it. If it works fine, then there will be no problem burning it back to disc.

most of the time, cheap media plays OK (ish) for the first 3/4 of the movie and then skops like fury for the last bit on a DVD player.

I made the mistake of buying cheap DVD-Rs (just the once) and burned about 20, checking each one in my PC. Then I brought the lot downstairs and popped them in the DVD player and every damned one of them skipped.

Bought a batch of Ritek G04 printables and copied them over. All worked perfectly.


Thanks for the input.That’s my situation exactly…I’ll give it a shot then.I’ll post back my results.

This is another example of how “cheap” media ends up twice as expensive as good media. :smiley:

Yuppers…I tried 3 of the movies and could not copy them back to reburn them.Looks like I’m screwed till I can get my hands on the movies again.