Stupid Question Dual Layer



After burning a movie on a Dual Layer I just realized that Clone DVD doesnt recognise my disc as a Dual Layer DVD.Is their specific software required or at this time only certain software programs that recognise Dual layer? Im lost as to how to burn a second movie onto the disc. Thanks in Advance…


Try posting this in the clonedvd forum. There are more people with experience there. You should also let them know your a newbie.


The firmware in the DVD burner is responsible for detecting the DL DVD media. Update the firmware and make sure that it detects the brand of DL media. Verbatim media is often recognized by many DVD burners.


Firmware is latest and Verbatim is the disc type I use. Not all software will burn dual layer.Hence thats why I asked.


Yes, you are correct. Not all software will recognize dual layer. For example, if you use “DVD Shrink”, version, the Revision History document (found at mentions the following:

[ul]Updated to NeroSDK 1.05, which includes support for burning DVD-9 dual-layer media. Added DVD-9 target size in preferences window.[/ul]So to answer your original question, yes, software does matter. I know nothing about “Clone DVD”…


The latest version of CloneDVD2 at supports DVD-9. Select DVD-9 from the drop down box. If the firmware supports the Verbatim media, then you should be able to burn without any problem.


Thank you very much my mistake was not selecting DVD-9.


No Prob. Were you able to playback the DL media?


Roger That… Both movies played without any problems on home player.I have discovered that using DL discs eliminates more than a few of the people who I shared with.I can burn a DVD+ single layer and they have no problems but they cant view it on a DVD+DL. THe Verbatim notes does say only works with hardware supporting DL … Anywho thanks again for the help…


Download DVD Indentifier and check for the book type. Should be DVD-ROM.