Stupid question:cannot remove folder

well, hello to all
i allways try to do things myself.sometime for the good other times i get myself into trouble…i’m kinda in a pinch?? i’ve got 4 folders left out of 4000 on my laptop & i’m trying to delete them.but i cant make them go away!!
tryed everything i know.i can see them & find them in explorer,but when i try to delete them, i keep getting this error “cannot delete file,cannot read from sorce file or disk” or “cannot remove folder,cannot find specified file” !!
mabie i’m making too much of this,but i’d like to remove these items… with no avail!help please! :confused: i just want them to go away!! :a

First, try right clicking on the folder and check the properties. It might have changed to read only. You may be able to change the properties. If not, you can try the “attrib” command to alter the properties so that you can remove the folder. If that fails, boot into safe mode (dos prompt), and enter:
C:\RMDIR path\foldername (all files must be deleted before it will remove the folder. )

Maybe you should run a virus scanner first before you try and delete them. Normally if a folder or file has a virus in it it’s very hard to delete and windows won’t delete it because the virus is stopping windows from deleting it.

thanks ,
both of you. the dam things have come from my ipod.i used ipod copy to transfer the music to my laptop now they wont go away!!out of about 4000 files!!I’ve scaned them
norton says there ok, i’ve cleard the mp3 out of folder but it still wont delete! the same error message as post 1!!arggg
also now there in the root of c:( i moved them there) to see if i could move them.
yes they move but still cant be found.any other suggestions??

There is a freeware file called “File Unlocker” that is designed to delete problem files that seem to be otherwise impossible to get rid of. You might want to give it a try. You can d/l it here. Hope this will help.

cool i’ve used it before . i’ll let you know. thanks matt

i once had a file that could not be removed but when i restarted my computer it was gone, so the program was already gone but the computer did not knew it yet :stuck_out_tongue: