Stupid question, but why no DVD-R DL media?

Hi folks,

is this a dumb question, or is it finally some kind of generic media (just like CD-Rs)? We’ve got regular DVD-R and DVD+R single layer media… If it’s on the horizon, I kinda want to hold out for a burner that’ll do both, if not, I might just get that Pioneer drive! :slight_smile:

So, anyone know? Thanks!

I don’t think they have agreed a spec for DVD-R DL as yet, or 16X DVD-R for that matter.

As far as I know, Dual Layer will always be + media. That’s why your starting to see companies like Pioneer use automatic bitsetting on their dl burners. As far as 16x dvd-r, the specs are already out, becuase I have a 16x dvd-r burner (ie pioneer 108). :wink:

Aha! I see. Thanks guys.

So, you’d recommend the DVR-108 then?


It is a nice drive. I wish it did do Bit setting on dvd+r media though. I would recommend any of the drives I own except, currently not the Liteon 1213. :o

Perhaps Pioneer will soon have an answer in some interviews or expositions or press releases.