Stupid question about LED on 107

Hi everybody there.

My question is : is it normal that le led is still and green when I’m burning ?:rolleyes:

I told you that was a stupid question,:eek: but on all writers I had, the led is/seems different when the drive is burning or reading or only when a disk is in (like on plextors) : 2 leds (1 for the reading, 1 for the burning) or flashing led or different color led(s).

So, if it’s normal, I find it stupid as my question.

Thanks for the answer.:bow:


Yes, the pioneer only have one LED color and that is green. So it’s green when writing or reading.

Yes, and at the first burn I was surprised and I was wondering if my drive was OK… No flashing, no color nothing special so.:confused:

wonder why pionner changing from 2 LED (from previous model)into 1 LED. 1 LED ain’t cost that much.

The PCB has four drilled holes where the LED mounts. So it might be possible to fit a dual-colour LED here, though it’s possible that a mod somewhere else would also be required.

Since my 107 is black and long out of guarantee, I replaced the boring green LED with a 3mm white LED to suit the general look of my case. It really does look good! I did the same to the black Sony floppy too.

My next drive will be an NEC ND-4550 when that comes out. I’m assuming that will have a dual-colour LED so it will be a little tricker to mod properly, perhaps a dual blue/white LED will fit.


I know its not crucial but the 1 colour of LED is bummer, my Teac 52/32/52//16 cdrw/dvd combo has 1 LED, but its green for reading and red for burining and its turns orange if buffer runs out and laser pauses and at end of each burn after lead out.

Just these nice little extra finishing touches that make products nice unlike my 108 / 109 and now A-09.