Stupid question about Bly ray rewritable



How many times you can rewrite on most blu ray rewritable disks?


Also how long does it take "approximately " to delete and rewrite 50gb bluray.


Pick a review here on myCE and please read.


Whole sentence without an answer. Do you feel better about yourself?


The claims made by the manufacturers for writing to BD-RE disks vary tremendously, from 1000 times (Verbatim) to an over the top estimate by TDK of 10,000 times. I doubt any of us in the forums can give you a definitive answer.

I haven’t used 50gb BD-RE, only 25gb, but the very first format of the disk has to be a full format, and takes quite a while. I haven’t timed it, but I just go do something else for an hour or so. Burning the data takes just as long at 2x. Once you have done the full format, you can just do quick erases after that, which take very little time at all. I use ImgBurn for all this.

Perhaps someone with direct experience using 50gb disks will chime in.


A long time ago I gave up on rewritables, I just use write once. I use them for Backing up Movies, why would you want to write over them? All I use now are Verbatim BD-R or BD-R DL to do my Back-ups. These Disks work flawlessly, I wouldn’t use anything else. :cool:


I do not collect movies. I rent netflix. I have about 5-6 years between watching the same movie.
The reason for needing BDRE is my schedule. It differs with the schedule of my wife. Sometimes I would keep a Blu Ray for a month only so she can watch it.
So I was thinking to buy a burner and burn a movie so she can watch it later.
I own a SageTV ,hd100 and hd200 but am not happy with the 24p playback compared to my PS3.
That is way I need a burner plus 5-6 rewritable 50gb


I do not collect movies. I rent netflix.

Then you shouldn’t be asking around here about copying them…:cop:
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I do not share or keep them.
Also I only choose titles from the library of congress list which makes it legal. HAHAHAHAHAHA


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Everything in the library of congress does not apply to copy write law. It belongs to the people. :wink:


Items placed in the LOC do not automatically rescind Copyright.


Check your sources.


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