Stupid Q. +R/DL +R, DVD-RAM speeds

Hi All

How fast is x2.4 DVD-R DL? Is it the same as the old first generation DVD burners (like HP100i)? Just I am thinking in going to DL and waiting for better compatibility issues and to see if double sided, dual layered -R/+R will come along.

I’ve also seen someone say that DVD-RAM x5 speed is equivalent to something or another for the equivalent DVD format.

How fast is each x1 increment for DVD-RAM?

I think for each x1 for DVD speeds it’s something like 11Mb/s? Is this correct?

Just with so much burning I could do I don’t want to take forever like my old generation DVD burner I bought several years ago lol Meanwhile my external hard disc drive will do :slight_smile:

If LG do double layered, dual layered for both formates and keeping the DVD-RAM capabilities, that will be something to have.

I’ve also noticed some methods posted on here to increase DVD burning speed. Just with thechnology advancing is there any point for people trying to learn how to do it when, the time they learnt how to, higher speed DVD burners will probably be already out :bigsmile:

Any help greatly appreciated.

Single layer media (DVD/R/RW) ~4.38 GB:
1x ~60 minutes = 1350 KB/sec (-R format only)
2x ~30 minutes = 2700 KB/sec (-R format)
2.4x ~25minutes = 3240 KB/sec (+R format, this is the lowest speed available to +R)
4x ~15 minutes = 5400 KB/sec
8x ~9 minutes = 10800 KB/sec (maximum, burn will start at 4x then upshift to faster speed later into the burn)

And for double layer media (DVD+R9) ~8.5 GB:
2.4x ~45minutes = 3240 KB/sec (this is the only speed available to DL right now)