Stupid problem I want to fix

I recently added another HD to my system and when I click on the address menu in explorer and the list of drives etc comes up it comes below my DVD Drives. How can I fix it so it is next up above next to my other hard drive?

you have to change your drive letter to E, as of now it is G

Right click on my computer/Manage/Disk Management/right click on the drive you wanna change and select Change drive letters and paths/Select change and now select a letter in the drop down box.

You might do this twice to get the drives in alphabetical order like the way you want them to be.

Any more questions feel free to ask.

Go to control pannel, switch to classic view if it is not in it, administrative tools, computer managment, disk managment, click and select a drive or partition, go to actions, all tasks, change drive letters and paths. That will allow you to change the order of your drives. If you select a drive letter that is already used, I believe it will automatically reassign that drive a new leter.
Be carfull though. If you change the drive letters of any exsisting drives, it may cause problems with some software as they may go looking for files in a particular location that is not thier anymore (because technically you moved it when you reasigned the letters).


I just went through this last week when I added a new 160gb Seagate to my system as the primary drive-

What I had to do was to disconnect the other drives (pulled out the cable connectors) - went into control panels “Administrative Tools” then to “Computer Management” then to “Disk Management” and chose the drive and the drive letter I wanted it to be - then rebooted computer after shutting down and connecting the next drive and going through the same proceedure until I had all the drives named as I wanted them-

Worked great-


learn the alphabet…be happy that drive works at all…there are worse things in life :slight_smile:

Is the 160GB Seagate made in China?

Kind of a long way to get there, but if it works…

Yo furballi-

Yup - I did not know that until I received it - the last two Seagate 80gb drives were made in Malasya-


Yo pipemanid-

Ya I know - but with the addition of the new Seagate drive - the way that the drives were identified was way screwed and the only way I could get the right drive letters to show in the drop down box in the Drive Manager was to physically disconnect the drives - change the drive letters - close down the system - reconnect the next drive and reboot-


I know mate, just a little something! :cool: