Stupid Pop-up on every new page



I’ve just recently started getting this pop-up. How can I stop this every time I go to a new page? The only changes I’ve made on my computer is an upgrade of Firefox to version 1.0.4. Could that be my problem?


I am on firefox 1.04, seems their adserver isn’t responding to the http requests [?] since i get the same thing!


i see you have adblock in firefox and i see you have an address of an ad server so put them together :wink:


but but … shouldn’t the adblock just display a banner up the top when it blocks instead of displaying a timeout message?


You shouldnt get any message from it if it’s added to adblock


Thanx for quick reply. I’ll give it a shot. Nice Avatar BTW!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea what happened but, I no longer get those Pop-up’s. I haven’t made any changes at all. So, I’m assuming it was just a quirk in Firefox & the Ad-Blocker is working properly now. Thanx anyways, it’s nice to know help is only a few clicks away. :slight_smile:


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Adblock can be configured to merely hide ads while still loading them ,that would still help the forum right?