Stupid people should be smacked around with

Okay, we all know who I’m talking about … Darwin award candidates, Neo Nazi’s, Members of the Bedwetters Society aka “White Power”, and of course your neighbour who downs the power in the entire neighbourhood by backing his car into a power pole or cutting a tree down without any pre-cautions.

So … Stupid people should be whacked with …

Foam hands. That or parts from there own body. Especially bet wetters. I mean, people interested in preserving the future of the caucasian race.

Stupid people should be smacked around with …
their own stupidity thrown back in their faces

I agree with Kurb

It’s doubtful that they would understand …and if they did’t realize it…then what fun would it be???

A pillow case full of DOA BenQ 1620s cushioned with Princo discs.

ROFL b/c of Chas!!! ROFL!!! oh man that’s hilarious!!!

Bugs Bunny slapped Yosemite Sam with a brick inside a glove. That’s probably not a bad idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got yo Benq1620 right here :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe so, but throwing it back at them could make them get into it and make themselves look even more stupid.
So we still get the last laugh, at how stupid and ignorant they are :iagree:

a pillow case to soften them up

you :stuck_out_tongue:


Debro kicks arse!
Or at least concusses stupid people :slight_smile:

Custom user title -> “Stupid People Concussor”

That would be a full time job. :iagree:

with a very large trout of course.

Agreed or possibly Half of a Death Star.

Kind of depends what you have lying around at the time.

mmm what did i smacked with last!!!

I see your 1/2 Death Star & raise you with a single X wing fighter!

I’ll see your Death Star & single X wing fighter & raise with a Klingon female warrior :stuck_out_tongue:

I take the female, run off and leave you at your petty card game :bigsmile:

Damn you and your diabolical dicelessness!