Stupid / Newbie Question

What is Fantom CD ?

I would like more info & links on it.

I know this is a stupid quesiton. I once found a link to the Fantom CD page but, I could not understand anything.

thos program allows you to install a cd image with out burning it

You can find information on Fantom CD and a Fantom CD database and the latest Fantom CD download Here And have questions Answerd Here or Here

If I am correct it is just like Daemon Tools, a virtual cd-drive, but without the protection emulation. (and it is not freeware…)

Fantom CD, our “CD-ROM emulation” software, has powerful functionality that you couldn’t resist! .It not only has CD-emulation function, but also the function of recording the CD image file to an empty CD if you have a CD recorder.The combination of the “CD emulation” software and the “burner” software not only saves the space on the hard disk, but also makes you easier to manage.

CD Emulation
Fantom CD, with its powerful emulation function, can simulate the complete content of the original CD to allow you to use the content of the CD under various circumstances without recording the CD image file to a blank disk first.In addition, Fantom CD also supports multiple formats of the CD image file so you can directly mount the CD image file made by the other software to the virtual CD-ROM drive and read it.

CD Recording
You can use this software to record the CD image file directly to an empty CD-ROM, without using the other CD Recording software. So you can manage the CD image files more easily.

What is a “Virtual CD-ROM Drive”?
A Virtual CD-ROM drive emulates the functionality of the CD-ROM drive on your computer by applying emulation technology. You can use it as if it was a real CD-ROM drive. Tasks performed by a traditional CD-ROM drive can be done by virtual CD-ROM drive.
In addition, the virtual CD-ROM drive has many user-friendly functions that are not provided by a normal CD-ROM drive. For example:
A real CD is not required to be inserted when running a program, so you can avoid the inconvenience of carrying a lot of CD’s with you when you are working.
Comparing to a real CD-ROM drive, virtual CD-ROM drive is 200x faster!
You can use it as a real CD-ROM drive!

Have up to 31 virtual CD-ROM now!
Enjoy using applications and playing games without CD-ROM!

With the correct equipment, Fantom CD is able to make working emulation of every CD, regardless if it is copy protected or not
Fantom CD is able to emulate 31 CD-ROM drivers in maximum
Fantom CD is able to restore working copies from the image files in your PC.Burn a Virtual CD to a real CD-ROM!
Restore your CD with multiple CD-Writer at the same time
Choosing / changing driver letter for virtual drives without restarting the system
Dynamic adding and removing virtual drives without restarting the system
Master and create manage your own disc images by “Image Making Wizard” (Data CD Only)
You can import / burn almost every type of image files by Fantom CD. (Such as MDS, CCD, CUE, ISO and BWT)
Easy to use - only a few clicks to make backup images from your CDs and restore it back to CDR by your CD-Writer
Audio CD emulation - play the music in background by using your favorite CD application, just like a real one!
Mordern interface and various interface convertor supported (IDE / SCSI / USB v1.x / USB v2.0 / IEEE 1394)
Works under Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP with almost all types of CD-ROM’s and CD-Writer drives (IDE / SCSI).
Fantom CD Server Edition
A CD-ROM array server with 31 virtual CD-ROM drives can be easily constructed on the server
Remote CD ejection supported - CD’s on remote server are easily controlled
Virtual disc images created in client site can be uploaded to the server via local network
Extra tools for virtual disc image management and searching

Fantom CD is compatible with following operating systems from Microsoft:

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows ME
Windows NT
Windows 2000
Windows XP new!
CPU (processor): Pentium level CPU.
RAM (memory): 32MB or more RAM.
Hard Disk: The required space of the hard disk depends on the size of the image file.Fantom CD program only needs less then 2 MB space. It will not increase the required space for the hard disk when increasing the number of virtual CD-ROM drive (1 to 31).Therefore, if you are to make multiple image files, it is recommended to save some space for these files.
CD-ROM: CD-ROM drives of any speed that can be detected by Fantom CD.The CD-ROM drive is mainly used for making the CD image.However, the slower the speed of the CD-ROM drive is, the longer it takes to make a CD image.
CD-R/RW (optional): It is only needed if you would like to record the CD image to the CD-ROM.

Note for installation on Windows 95 or Windows NT:

You must have Internet Explorer 5.0 or later installed
Service Pack 5 need to be installed on Windows NT 4.0 systems
Windows 95 must be version OSR2 or later
You will need at least Pentium clase CPU and 32MB of RAM for better experience