Stupid newbie has problem with sound

I’ve just downloaded the DVDFab platinum trial version (with intention to buy if it all works out).

Here are my problems: please would somebody use plain, simple english to help me understand where I’m going wrong.

1: I initially tried to copy straight from one DVD onto another DVD, using the ‘full disc’ option. I believe it copied the material from the initial dvd onto the computer well, but when it came to burn onto the new dvd, it couldn’t seem to read the disc I put in, which was a DVD-RW. Does the program not recognise this type?
2: How do you know whether it is a DVD-9 or a DVD-5 (I tried the above selecting both options)
3: I then tried to copy the DVD onto my hardrive, using the generic option. It is a season disc, and I managed to get the picture from 2 episodes, one of which won’t open. However, there are 4 episodes on the disc, and I could not get any sound.

Where am I going wrong? Please help!!

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Hi, PWfly and welcome to the DVDFab forum. I’ll try to answer your questions in order:

  1. Yes, DVDFab works fine with DVDRWs if your drive does. Please post a burn log of the failed attempt. Directions for finding and posting the logs are in my sig, just click on the bottom one.
  2. Not sure I understand what you are asking. Do you mean how do you tell if the blank media is DVD5 or DVD9? An RW is almost always a DVD5 (4.7 GB size, less after RW overhead). DVD9s are usually marked DVD+R DL and have double the capacity of DVD5s.
  3. The Generic profile will produce separate files for each title you select on the original. Not sure how you configured this conversion. You can also copy the DVD files to your HDD by clicking on the little folder icon on the Target line.
    If I have misunderstood your questions or failed to give you enough information, post again.

Hello pigswillfly and welcome to CD Freaks
Question are answered in order
1.)…As stated by Singals “Yes” DVDFab works and recognises DVD-RW as long as your DVD Writer does.
2.)…You can tell if the disc is DVD5 or DVD9 by looking on the disc itself DVD5…“4.7gigs” DVD9…“8.5 gigs”.
3.)…Using the generic mode is for converting to mobile units like “ipods”, “PSP”(Playstation) and other devices.

If you are having trouble with burning the movie to a DVD-RW then the problem could be coming from your DVD Writer, is the firmware up-to-date :confused: if you do not know or know how to check post the name and model of your burner and I or another member will be able to check for you

Hi, I’m new here too. I’ve been able to find lot’s of software on the web for backing up cds and dvds, but only a few guides as to how to use the programs (and it seems somewhat complicated by the multiple file types and formats). If there are no comprehensive guides available online, are books available anywhere? I’m looking for help with dvdfab, gxtranscoder, nero and aec. Any information welcome.

@ Media hound
Lots of good comprehensive help here at Freaks and the DVDFAB forum…And for other stuff remember " Google is your friend…good luck!

Hi Media hound
and welcome to the forum
if you need a guide on how to use the DVDFab Platinum or the Gold verion here are the basices

How to copy a DVD to your Hard Drive
1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you want on your Hard Drive into your DVD drive
3.) In the target drop down window choose the location by clicking on the button with a folder on it, the browse for folder window will appear on your screen choose the location you want the movie files to be located on your Hard Drive and click OK to close the browser
4.) Depending if you want compression during the process you have two choses,
DVD5 will compress and DVD9 will not compress to make your selection go to the bottom of your screen locate the drop down window that has the word Quality next to it,Open the drop down window to make your selection
5.) To start the process click the Start button at the lower right corner

How to copy to a blank DVD Media Disc (FULL DISC MODE)
1.) Open DVDFab Platinum
2.) Put the DVD movie you are going to make a backup copy of into your DVD drive, the movie title will appear in the source drop down window
3.) In the target drop down window chose the location of your DVD Writer that will be used to do the burning of the disc
4.) At the bottom of the screen choose the size of the blank medics disc you will be using for the backup in the drop down window with the word Quality next to it, DVD5=compression and DVD9=no compression
5.) Depending on if you have one or two DVD Writers hooked to your computer,
a.) If you only have one DVD Writer connected to your computer then you will have to wait until the program has finished the copying process to your hard drive and then you will be asked to insert a blank media disc into the drive,
b.) If you have two DVD Writers connected to your computer put in the original disc into one of the DVD drives(making sure this drive is selected as the Source),
And put a blank media disc into your other DVD drive(making sure this drive is selected as the Target),
After the program reads and copies the movie from the DVD Drive that contains the original DVD disc the program will then start the burning process to the DVD Drive containing the blank media disc
6.) Click the start button at the lower right corner to start the processalso if you want you can find a post by a member called "Signals " and at the bottom of his posts you will find in multi colors some indepth guide for other modes

hope this helps you out

There are links in my sig that will help you get acquainted with DVDFab’s functions. Start with the features summary.

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