Stupid Liteon!

I purchased a Liteon LTR-24102b CD-RW from

it arrived and i installed it, i wanted to backup a dreamcast game (Resident Evil Code Veronica) so i burnt myself off a copy. (using nero it worked! (well why wouldnt it)

The other day i copied Heavy Metal for myself (Its self booting with 2 sessions) it didnt work in my DC.

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Hmmm i thought and being my dumb self tried again in CloneCD (latest version or 1 before)

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WTF!! Tried Nero read from my CD-RW instead of my Pioneer dvd-rom 106s

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Now this really p1ssed me off…
I wouldnt consider myself a brainbox but the Plextor 121032TA i sold after i recieved this drive had NOT ONE problem (well unless i copied the wrong stuff :o )

I checked the firmware version against a mates…

OPPS its the 24103s! with version XB03 (the only one i presume at the moment)

I cannot seem to copy <b>ANY</b> DC Games not even code veronica now…

What am i doing wrong? I wanna smash the thing up! :mad:

Current System Specs follow

AMD Athlon xp 1600
MSI MS-6380 KT266a Pro-RU
Seagate Barracudda 4 ATA100 20gb HDD (1st Master)
Seagate Barracudda 4 ATA100 60gb HDD (1st Slave)
Liteon LTR-24103s (2nd Master)
Pioneer DVD-ROM 106 (region free) (2nd Slave)
2x256mb DDR RAM (crucial)
Ati Radeon 8500 DDR
SB Audigy Player

Win XP Pro (might re-install Win98se)

CDR-win plz work!!

some more threads…

oh well i’ll just use it for MOHAA and renegade if the demo is any good

The latest CD-R win version( february 2002 ) works with this drive.

Have you tried CloneCD? Much better at copying protected stuff and console games in my opinion.

This drive should be one of the best for copying stuff(byside protected music discs that is)…you just need the right programs to do it, nero may be nice for un-protected stuff but for the rest CloneCD is one of the best :wink:

Also note that many consoles are very picky about media. So make sure that you are using high quality media certified for the speed you are writing at.

I tried clonecd. :frowning:

tried at Read Both Subchannels and without (think i also tried correcting and not correctig read errors in other attempts).

Im using Verbatim DatalifePlus CDrs

1x-16x 700mb Scratch resistant with metal Azo

can you recommend some other high quality ones?

Someone mentioned Traxdata but they sound too cheapy with their drives

CDRWIN couldnt find my drives i disconnected the ASPI drivers for CDRWIN and restarted and it still couldnt find it…

thats version 3.8g

might try the 4.0a beta

Yo for copying DC i use DJ 3.5. Do copy cd from same cd recorded and check off only ignore read errors and overburn CD. That should work, it worked for me on about 70 games. good luck

Cheers for that, but it worked fine with the plextor drive in nero and clonecd a week ago…

It might have something to do with upgrading my cd-rw in win xp pro…

or that the Liteon needs the win xp patch for cd-rws…

anyways ill try that and see if it works… if notill buy an aditional cd-rw or try nd buy back my old plexy for the dcs

Its working now…

just needed the update for XP…

i’m such a fool

why did i ever doubt the drive

cheers for the help tho OC & Kmart

CD-R Win should work the latest version from, remember: there is many different 4.0A versions, just with different release dates and no chgange in version number.

I recommend Kodak and mitsui toatsu media.

I burnt off a copy of a self booting DC game and it doesn’t work…

i tried the self booting one i did previously… that didn’t work…

tried another three times as i was sure i wasn’t going crazy… FINALLY it booted…

im gonna re-install win xp tonight if that doesn’t work im goinmg back to win 98 se…

(just need to convert my partitions back from NTFS tho :frowning: )

Why not try w2k? It’s the best M$ OS made so far :wink:

Windows 2000 is the slowest os made to date. Even Win95 was faster. And 2000 crashes, XP doesn’t. :slight_smile:

XP and ME is the two worst M$ OS’es so far, w2k is way better.

XP is unstable and uses way to much CPU power.
w9x/me/XP & DMA on all 4 IDE drives on the main IDE controller = a pain in the ass to get working. w2k = piece of cake.

And where is w2k slower? ok then it may be slower in games compared to w9x/me, but is faster than XP. And it may boot a bit slower…but else it’s faster and uses less CPU resources.

2k can t play many games + software!

98se does it 4 me!

Okay ive tried all three…

Win2k - Its quite fast… but it crashed way too many times in HL

Win98se - well i dont really have a problem with this OS in fact its way better than Me IMO

Win XP Pro - Got it installed now, had only slight problems (sometimes crashes when online at HL net_send packet error) and the problem with the writer…

I will maybe try Win 98se and XP on a dual boot system

From stupid LiteOn to stupid OS…all in one swoop…oh well

XP is the best M$ OS ever…works like LiteOn

2000 was the best…works like Plextor

98x very good…works like Yamaha

Yeah, this post turned off topic very quick.

My problems with XP:

-Won’t boot if any disc in DVD-Drive
-Not possible to have DMA enabled for more than 3 of my 4 devices
-Sometimes “explore.exe” goes crazy and uses 100% CPU and 500-600Mb memory, reboot or end task is the only thing that helps.
-Forgets my saved passwords often, and sometimes the built-in firewall is swithed on without my permission. I use Tiny personal firewall, not the built-in crap.
-Soemtimes it don’t refresh the content when I change disc in one of my drives, still shows the content of the disc I had in drive before.
-And some other minor things.

Windows XP is in no way bad, but it definitively needs a servicepack…

I know what you mean about the bootup with CD in the DVD , thought for sure XP crashed…turned out I left Giants Kubto CD in , pulled it out and XP worked fine.

I don’t have any of the other problems , Plex CD-Rom , Tosh. DVD , LiteOn burner , HD all running UDMA .

Sorry to here about XP not working for you , guess 2000 is your cup of tea ! But it all works out in the wash !

I don’t have XP problems…You don’t have problems burning…

I’ll trade my XP for your burning skills ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun ! :slight_smile:

Seeing what problems you have with XP I add a disclaimer :slight_smile:

XP is the best I’ve ever used. Still havent crashed since I got it (when it got out). Programs have crashed, one made my mouse lock but XP itself has never crashed.
And I do play games, and they run very good.
Guess XP likes my hardware… :slight_smile:

So now remember boys and gals, XP may not like your hardware…
</Disclaimer-mode :)>

I have had only <b>slight</b> problems with Win XP Pro…

The nasty net send packet error (but i am using an old US Robotics 56k modem).

And the problem with the Liteon… <b>might</b> have something to do with the old Plextor i swapped round…

I’ve installed it for 2 other ppl…

1 of them was such a nob! he said “Oh This game doesn’t work!”

I went round and i tried running the game it said “blah blah .dll was not found” (of course it wasn’t blahblah.dll) i said… “Have you deleted any files?”.

“No course i haven’t!” was the reply

I used system restore and hmmmm its working (about 20 files were back in the game folder"


And the other lad well… he was running a AMD Duron 800 with a poop GF 2mx 400 gfx card (EWWWW!)

He said some games ran slow on his comp…

hes back on win98

But I can honestly say i haven’t had really bad problems with my installation of XP…

Its as stable as my horses house :smiley:

(wasn’t too cheesy was it?)

I’ve just noticed summat very odd in Win XP…

I flashed my DVD-ROM drive a few days ago and sometimes when i look at the properties for my Writer i get Region 1 (its a cd-rw!)

this <b>could</b> be the problem…


My DVD drive is on Secondary Slave and i selected the correct firmware upgrade for it…

(and i’ve also tested to see if it worked… and it did)

might try keeping Regional killer proggy open and burning off a backup in nero or clonecd (or just re-installing)…