Stupid Hardware Problem

How do I get the audio to come out of the CD/DVD drive jacks, so I can listen to my DVD through it?

Do you mean the mini plug on the front of the drive? Just connect an appropriately jacked headphone.

Sorry to contradict here, but I think rmunde mistakenly thought you were trying to listen to an AudioCD through that jack.

Your DVD has encoded audio and it must be decoded by your software (or hardware mpeg-2 decoder card, if applicable) first. It is not possible to get the sound from DVD Movies or DVD Audio discs to come from the jack on the front of the drive.

But if you play an AudioCD, it should work just fine with that jack as audio CDs don’t need to be decoded.

Is the decoding issue the case for MP3s also? I guess what I’m asking is: can I listen to MP3s through either the CD/DVD drive jack? Also, I’m really intrested in buying one of those video processing units for giving my computer the functionality of my TV. Anyways, I want to know if anyone has any experience using these. If so, would I be able to play a game or watch a movie using my headphones. Ideally this is what I would want.

Thanks in advance

As an alternative, spend $5 and get an extension to run from the back of your PC to any handy place on your desktop. RadioShack, etc. should have one.