Stupid hardware disc quality


I wanted to know if AMD 1600 with 356 MB DDR and (3x200GB) 600GB MAXTOR 5400RPM and a NEC3550a can cause a disc to be written badly. I mean can my computer be to slow to get high quality discs. My burner is slave with a Maxtor drive on the secondary can this cause low quality burns. Can software installed cause low quality burns, when I burn I only use my OS and nothing is opened.

thx in advance, it’s a stupid question but I wanted to know for sure !

Much more likely is poor quality media.

What speed do you burn at, what writer have you got and what brand media do you use (both manufactuers name & MID code reported by something like CDDVDSpeed)?

Traxdata RITEKG04 minidvd with a NEC3550 with liggy dee firmware, need to be RITEKG04 because of gamecube backup a friend of mine uses same discs with no problems.

Ritek g04’s are usually good, but you could have a bad batch, or your firmware might not have a good write strategy for those. You will need to run a CDSPEED disk quality test, and post the results, so we can see if it’s your media or not.

if i understand correctly, you have your burner as a slave on your secondary IDE with a hard drive as master?

that’s usually a no-no ESPECIALLY if you’re writing data from THAT drive.

are you writing from the drive that’s on the same IDE channel as your burner or another one?

to be on the safe side, i’d isolate the burner on its own ide channel. even just for testing sake, take out that hard drive, set your burner as master, and see if that helps you to improve.

i understand that space inside your computer is limited (trust me, i ran out of room for my drives), but having both on the same channel is a recipe for trouble. it slows things down big time because that channel is doing double duty with reading and writing and it can only do so much at the same time.

You have a lot going on with storage devices. That takes a lot of power and your power supply might not be up to the task considering it’s an older system. Also with a fairly up-to-date computer you needn’t worry about the burner unit being on the same IDE channel as the source hard disk. That’s mainly a problem for much older systems. If you do have speed problems, they’d show up in Nero/Decrypter/ImgBurn with your device buffer dropping to low levels.



I’m going to give this a try !!! These are the scans btw from a couple of the discs

Reinstall and I put the burner is on one IDE alone, this did not solve the problem. I’m thinking my burners are not good, but I doubt it (NEC2100a and NEC3500a), I’m gonna do some other tests with IDE controller and test the discs with other comps.

Looking at what you have going on, I would say that your power supply is not enough and your 356mb of ram is not enough, you should be running at least 500mb.

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That could be the solution to bad I"m a student (LOW ON MONEY) so I have to wait for that, I’m going to try some stuff at friends computer to check if it’s my powersupply and ram, is there btw any software to test these kinds of things (the lacking in power and ram) ?

I also just bought a NEC 3550A and have been getting poor disc quality according to Nero CD/DVD Speed tests. I have a Dell 8400 with 512mb DDR2 RAM. I’ll post the scan if someone can tell me how do do this.