Stupid DVD wont play on my PC

Hi Guys,
Hope you can help with me with this 1. My PC crashed some weeks ago and im in the process of backing up all my DVD’s again, im using windows XP Home, no extra addon’s.
Anyway the problem is this 1 dvd i have, i got it from virgin i think. its a Luke Kelly DVD, of 19 music vids, nothing strange in that. whats strange is that my PC wont even see the DVD when i put it in the DVD drive. When i click on the :E drive it opens up empty. when i use shrink DVD 3.2 to try to copy it to my hard drive, like the rest of my dvd’s, shrink says tray empty. not seen this before, and iv been backing up 1 or 2 of my dvd’s on to my pc every night for the last couple of weeks.
Has any one got any idea’s how to get round this?
I have tried anydvd from slysoft and i still cant see the dvd in the drive.
Thanks for the help in advance guys

Is it just with the one DVD or others as well?..if you try a different disc,does drive read it ok?..

Hi T0nee1, thanks for the responce,
all the rest of my dvd’s are fine in my pc, it just seems to be this one up to now. I dont think i would have spotted this problem if i hadn’t started to back up my DVD collection. but what i find strange with this dvd is, it plays on my tv dvd player in the main room so i know it works. i have looked at the dvd again and noted that it is region free, dont think this should matter.

Try again but with DVDFab HD Decrypter,and see if it helps…
Also check the disc for scratches/smudges/fingerprints, you never know,you’re set top will play,but your PC drive may not be able to read/rip it…

thanks again T0nee1,
Ill give it a try.